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7 examples of body language that destroy sales

When it comes to communication, body language is just as important as the words you speak. And poor body language will cost you sales, no matter how great your pitch is.

6 best practices to end the Sales-Marketing feud

It’s no secret: Marketing and Sales get along like the Hatfields and McCoys. And each year, companies struggle to get these two departments to work together. This guide can help your feuding departments finally flourish as a unit.

Robo-marketing? It might not be too far off!

In the customer experience realm, robots and artificial intelligence (AI) have a bit of a bad rap, mostly because of things like infamous automated answering services. But with constant improvements in technology, robots and AI have begun making positive strides into the world of marketing.

6 questions for your company about mobile apps

Yes, a simple mobile app can spur business and growth. But it’s also possible a mobile app isn’t right for your business.

Warning: Google to penalize sites making 2 key mistakes

It’s always a good idea to optimize your website for mobile devices, but now Google might penalize you if you don’t.

Improve email ROI: 5 marketing must-haves

As more companies vie for customers’ attention, email marketing’s become an increasingly delicate art form. And as a result, improving performance requires a laser-like focus on at least one of five areas:

7 tips to improve your website

Is your website ready to make a great first impression? Run down this list to find out.

8 outdated images customers hate to see on your website

Once upon a time, the Internet was filled with websites that held more sounds and animations than Times Square. But now that it’s grown up a little, there are a few things customers just don’t want to see anymore.

Horrible advertising mistakes made by 5 big companies

An advertisement is supposed to attract attention — but not this kind of attention.

3 ways to optimize your website for mobile devices

It won’t be long before more people are accessing the Internet using a mobile device than a personal computer. Is your company ready to receive a surge in mobile users?