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Going against established competitors? Try this

A well-established competitor can appear to have a lock on customers, but luring them away may not be as difficult as you, or your salespeople, think.

5 reasons sales don’t close

When sales fail to close, it’s usually for one of the following reasons:

Handling customer screw-ups

A customer has made a blunder, and maybe even blamed you for it initially. Now the truth comes out. How do you handle it?

Free resource for small biz

Looking to expand or assess your business? Want a clear picture of your region’s demographics, markets and labor situation? Here’s a one-stop free resource for data like that, and more.

Why new customers defect

Research shows that it’s rare that a customer will drop you because of the quality of your product or service.

Solution-selling or benefit-selling: What works better?

Do customers prefer hearing about solutions or benefits? Which approach is more likely to get the sale?

Watch out for this audit trigger

As desperate states clamor for sales tax revenue, they’re redefining the regs for business – again.

Why 50% of customers leave

What keeps customers? The answer comes in another question: What loses them?

Getting ‘critical vendor’ status when a customer’s going bankrupt

You hear rumblings that a big customer is getting ready to declare bankruptcy. But you’d still like to have his business and protect yourself. You may be able to do both if you approach the situation carefully.

A way to make your website ‘sticky’ — and more profitable

With the holidays around the corner, it’s time to consider seasonal promotions. Here’s one that worked wonders for one company.