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3 best practices your sales force needs in 2012

If “increase sales” occupies a spot on your organization’s 2012 to-do list, there’s brand new information you need to know about.

Price check! Are you sure you’re still in the sweet spot?

Too many companies don’t pay enough attention to pricing to determine whether or not they’re getting it right.

2-point strategy to get more out of your sales comp program

If there was an expense that accounted for 5% of your company’s total revenue, you’d want to be sure it was being managed properly, right?

4 in 5 of your peers will be marketing this way in 2011

If growth is on the agenda for 2011, you’ll want to consider this strategy.

Don’t let your salespeople see this

Some experts think you should fire a third of your sales force —  and that you should make it an annual practice. 

And the best place to hold a business meeting is …

Before you put the kibosh on those business lunches and industry conferences, read this.