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10 social-media tips that will increase sales in 2012

Social media have become the valuable sales tools — if you use them correctly.

The newest trend in online advertising

You know those Web ads that give you the option to skip them? There’s a method to that madness.

5 presentation lessons from the master — Steve Jobs

The late Apple co-founder will be remembered for a number of things, including his ability to attract and captivate audiences and the media. An analysis shows he used the same formula — one that anyone else can employ.

Why your firm should have a presence on Facebook

Is your company capitalizing on the Facebook craze? If not, these statistics may cause you to start thinking social media. 

Setting up sales territories: Ask these 3 questions first

Whether a “territory” for your company is a city block or a geographic region, you can ensure getting the most out of it by asking three questions prior to assignment:

The trait 42% of buyers demand

If your company hasn’t implemented this long-term safeguard, nearly half of prospects say they won’t sign a long-term contract. 

The warning signs of a double-dip recession?

Four years ago, the signs of an imminent recession came barreling over the horizon. Having seen them once, are we about to enter the same situation again? 

3 lessons every company can learn from the Netflix debacle

When Netflix recently decided to change its pricing model, it set off a chain reaction that could ultimately result in the loss of nearly 3 million customers.

4 steps to finding, closing high-probability leads online

In the brave new world of prospecting, your sales people need to know how to find top prospects, and —  more importantly — how to close them.

Blogging for business: 5 crucial steps

You can maximize the profitability of corporate blogs by making these five steps part of your regular process: