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Ask this and you might cut call volume by one-third

Ask this one question, and you might cut call volume by one-third in the next year.

At the end of conversations, say, “Have I resolved the problem you were facing when you called me today?”

About 35% of calls to most contact centers are repeats, according to Yankee Group research. So the clarifying question at the end of one call can eliminate calls later from customers who want to double-check on status, need more information or are confused.

Even better, if customers don’t have to call again, their satisfaction will remain high.

To increase first-call resolution in your call center, training expert Peggy Carlaw suggests focusing on:

  • People. Make sure call center agents are trained, equipped and permitted to take on every kind of situation that comes at them.
  • Processes. Regularly check your processes for red tape. Anything that requires more than two steps is likely delaying customer help.
  • Product. Maintain a system – it can be as simple as handwritten notes on call topics – so you can identify recurring issues with products and services. Then find ways to eliminate the problems.

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