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Are you really driving customers to action?

Are you doing things that make customers want to buy, learn or interact more? Most customer experience leaders admit that they …

…. aren’t getting the response they want from their efforts to engage customers.

When it comes to content marketing — all those social media posts, blogs, white papers and other written material — customer experience leaders say they’re falling short, a recent SmartPulse survey found. When asked how effective they felt their content marketing was, leaders said:

  • Extremely: It drives lead generation (6%)
  • Generally: It sometimes sparks conversations with clients (35%)
  • Not at all: It generates few comments, feedback or leads (37%)
  • Not the point: We only publish because everyone else does (4%)
  • Not relevant: we have higher priorities (18%)

Create it once, use it twice (at least)

Just a handful of companies realize success with the information they produce for customers. One of the reasons the researchers cited was that producing content only falls in the hands of marketing — when it could be shared by all areas of the customer experience team (sales, customer service, IT, etc.)

The key: Producing great content, and then leveraging it as much as possible.

And here’s how you can save you time, effort and money doing it: re-purpose great material.

No worries. It’s not cutting corners. In fact, it’s genius to get the most out of good stuff, considering most readers don’t read or watch everything you do. But different people will act on different forms of the same content.

So go into every content marketing effort thinking about how your stuff can be re-purposed. Then try these ideas:

  • Update outdated blog posts that are in vogue again. For instance, if you wrote something loosely based on a TV series (when it was hot), tweak it a little, update the publish date and send out a new email notification when the new season of that show starts.
  • Pull content from your ebooks to publish (word-for-word, if necessary) for blog posts. And give readers links to get more.
  • Pull up every blog post you’ve published on one subject and turn it into an e-book.
  • Tweak the headline on your best pieces of content and run them again (at least a year later). Good pieces will always be good pieces.

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