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How many of your agents are ready to walk? The surprising answer

Many leaders are turning a blind eye to a growing employee epidemic that can hurt business. Are you one of them?

Managers don’t realize morale is so low that one in three of their employees are looking for another job, MetLife’s 9th Annual Study of Employee Benefits Trends study just found.

Most company leaders believe their employees are just as loyal as they were three years ago – before a recession caused cost-cutting, layoffs, wage freezes, increased workloads and morale crashes.

In many cases, contact center agents who survived downsizing are doing more with less and are stressed, a study from the American Psychological Association found.

To keep your contact center pros motivated, happy and on the job, try these tactics:

  • Show the path. Regularly review a career path with agents individually so they can see the grass is green in your organization, too.
  • Appreciate efforts everyday. Recognition and praise are low- or no-cost ways to keep morale high. Compliment efforts, decisions and accomplishments. Share good news with leaders up the chain of command so they can give praise, too.
  • Lose dead weight. Poor performers will pull down others, either because the poison spreads easily or great performers are turned off by management that allows sub-par performance to continue.

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