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Are you missing this opportunity to motivate agents?

One of the most effective – and potentially inexpensive – ways to motivate call center staff is often overlooked. Here’s how to leverage it in your call center.

One in five call center leaders in a recent Help Desk Institute survey said professional development is the most effective way to boost morale and keep agents motivated. It falls just behind cash and recognition programs.

Here are three inexpensive ways to give agents professional development opportunities:

  1. Check your local chamber of commerce. Many organizations offer free or inexpensive training with retired business leaders on a variety of subjects.
  2. Work with community colleges. They offer business and non-business related courses (i.e., subjects employees can try for fun) and might give group discounts.
  3. Offer in-house internships. During your slower season, arrange work for agents in other departments that interest them. The new insight will improve their work in the call center and perhaps inspire a career path within your company.

Check yesterday’s post for ideas on using recognition to raise morale.

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