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Are you maximizing your website? If not, here’s how

Every company has a website. But some companies aren’t using their sites to maximize the customer experience. Do you?

Customers will visit your site if you regularly make it more interesting. Improve your site, and they’ll interact with your company, its products, services and people.

How? The following customer experience professionals, who are part of the Young Entrepreneur Council, shared proven ways to build an audience for your website, maintain interest in it and then engage more customers.

You can use most of these techniques directly on your website, in a blog or on your social media pages. An important key is to offer fresh, valuable content — not sales copy — from a variety sources at least several times a week, if not daily.

1. Put it all out there

Show customers the human, even flawed, side of your business. Large corporations often hide behind corporate-speak and shareholder documents.

But any company can build relationships by sharing anecdotes about the trials and errors behind their product development or mistakes they’ve made and how they learned from those mistakes to evolve, suggests Cortex CEO Brennan White.

2. Make customers better

You know it’s important to regularly update your site, blog or social media with content. More important is to only include content that customers can use to make themselves or their businesses better, says Jyot Singh of RTS Labs.

Adding information that can help customers be more efficient, save money or resources, or get ahead helps them and establishes you as an authority in your field.

3. Be the answer

Invite customers to ask you questions on your site, blog or social media. Then quickly answer them through a video or written post, suggests Kelly Azevedo, founder of She’s Got Systems.

If you need help getting started, just ask customer service pros which questions they hear most often. Post those and answer them.

4. Make customers the focus

You have a platform that can elevate customers. Sure, they may have personal social media pages. Or maybe they have a business with its own website and social platforms. But putting them front and center on your site encourages them to engage with you.

At Hostt, co-founder Peter Daisyme, has found that the more his company quotes customers and the companies they work for, the more those customers come back to the Hostt site.

It can even lead customers to post about your company.

5. Let them know what’s new

You may fill your website or blog with really great, useful information. But customers won’t interact if they don’t know about it.

Because customers are busy people, it doesn’t hurt to remind them that your blog post is new or your website is updated, says Syed Balkhi, CEO at OptinMonster. You only need to send one email a week. Include at least one new topic, but no more than three, if that many exist.

Another way: Update your email signature with a link to a new post, suggests Jeff Rohr, chief square officer of SquarOffs. It shows anyone you interact with that giving them new, helpful information is an important part of the customer experience.

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