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Are you doing the No. 1 thing to improve customer satisfaction?

What’s the No. 1 way to improve customer loyalty and satisfaction? Here’s what customers say.

Try a little harder.

That’s what 83% of customers in a YouGov and Avanade survey said they expect, especially since the recent recession.

They don’t expect great discounts or freebies. What they want: Easier access to agents, simplified processes and some extra courtesies, such as more thanks for their business or more of your time to help resolve issues.

The problem: Only 5% of customers think any of this has happened in the past three years.

To improve customers’ perception of what you do to increase satisfaction, try these ideas:

  • Use their feedback. When customers complain, tell them you’ll use their concerns to make improvements in that area.
  • Follow up. Let all customers know what you heard and what you did to improve or change.
  • Tell them about improvements. If you make changes without their prompting, tout the changes (such as quicker turnaround on orders, shorter waits, easier access, etc.) on your website, at the bottom of correspondence, etc.

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