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Are you annoying customers by reaching out too much?

You know it’s important to reach out to customers – but are you annoying them by doing it too much? Here’s what customers say is tolerable.

Customers will tolerate this number of contacts – and spend more, University of California, Riverside, researchers found. The ideal level of communication:

  • three phone calls
  • three to four email messages, and
  • nine to 10 mail messages.

Why will customers take on so many letters or postcards in their mailbox? It’s the least intrusive contact.

Surprisingly, researchers found that customers will spend the most when they’re contacted via phone and postal mail. Email contact has either little or no effect on customer behavior.

Great news for contact centers. The key: Keep tabs on customers contacting you. If you don’t hear from them for some time, it’s probably the perfect time to reach out.

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