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A customer’s ‘no’ may just mean ‘not now’

“No” is the most common word in sales. Most prospects may say “no” the first time your company calls. They’ll say “no” to some of the commitments you need from them to move a sale forward. They may say “no” at the end of your presentation. 

Refuse to attach a negative

Thought it may be difficult at first, try to refuse to attach a negative meaning to the word “no.” Don’t believe it’s a personal rejection that lessens your value as a salesperson. Instead, view it as feedback. “No” tells you to change your approach, create more value, or try again later. A “no” is not failure. It’s information.

‘No’ is not forever

Even a “no” at the end of a hard-fought contest that resulted in a win for your competitor doesn’t really mean “no” forever. You identified an opportunity, competed for it and lost. That doesn’t mean you should step away. A “no” is only permanent when you walk away, when you give up. Be persistent and stay engaged with prospects no matter what.

Direct your efforts

Direct your efforts at winning the prospect over the long term. Remember your competitor is just as susceptible to complacency as all salespeople are. Be persistent, stay engaged, and professionally persist, always ready to seize opportunities. These are key to winning a prospect’s business, even in the face of “no.”

Adapted from: The Only Sales Guide You’ll Ever Need, by Anthony Iannarino, an international keynote speaker and sought-after sales coach.

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