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9 words customers want you to say more often

When it comes to wowing customers, it’s the little things that make a big difference. Sometimes, it can be as little as this three-letter word … 


That’s just one of nine words that have positive effects on customers.

Some of these words will make customers feel special and happy that they do business with you. Others will motivate them to take your expert advice, see things in a new way or buy more.

Here are some powerful words you want to emphasize when you talk to customers — and why:

1. You

There’s plenty of research that people are persuaded to spend more, change their minds and become agreeable when their experience is personalized. Thus, the word “you” is very powerful.

Why? It puts the focus on others. It shows you’re empathetic and compassionate, which is at the heart of great customer service.

Plus, you can boost the power of you by using people’s names.

Example: “You know, Bruce, that we value the loyalty you’ve shown us through the years.”

2. Imagine

Imagine can open customers’ minds to what’s possible. It helps them see opportunities and suggests they can skip the worries.

Use imagine when you want to introduce them to something that is different, but well-fitted to their needs — whether it’s a solution to a problem, a product or a change in service.

Example:Imagine if you had just a day to choose the solution. What would be at the top of your must-have list?”

3. Because

Because helps logical thinkers connect cause and effect. It also helps emotional thinkers connect feelings and logic.

Give people reasons – connected by because – when you need to get them to respond quickly.

Example: “We’ll need you to submit the special request by noon because that gives us enough time to start your order and have it ready for approval.”

4. Now

Most customers want immediacy. Tell them what can happen now, not what already took place or will take more time. Tell them how they’re affected now, not what they could’ve or should’ve done.

Example: “I can stop the order right now, and you’ll just be charged the special request fee. Is that what you’d like to do now?”

5. Believe

Believing is the first step in making almost everything in the customer relationship happen. When customers believe in what you can do, they see fewer limits on what’s possible with your company.

Remind them to believe in your expertise, your products and your company.

Example: “You can believe what I suggested is the best solution. I’ve been the department expert on billing questions for 10 years.”

6. Act

Act is a call for urgency and appeals to customers because it suggests good things will happen. By acting, customers can move people more closely and quickly to what they want.

Example: “If we act immediately on the changes, I’m confident we’ll still finish ahead of time.”

7. Help

Help creates connections with customers.

When you ask customers for help, you make them feel like they’re working together with you to get things done. They aren’t just waiting on you to do it. And when you acknowledge something they’ve done to help you, you recognize their value.

Examples: “I’d like your help on this situation. What do you think of this possible solution …?” or “Your loyalty is a real help to our continued success in this industry.”

8. Proven

When you say proven, you quickly remove customers’ fears of trying something new. Whether it’s a product, maintenance plan, shipping date or color, if it’s proven, it means they’re taking less of a risk.

Examples: “Industry tests have proven our new version lasts longer than the previous,” or “We’ve proven that the software blocks 80% more spam.”

9. Love

Just suggesting customers will love something warms them up to it.

Examples: “You’re going to love this color!” or “Other customers have already fallen in love with the faster service schedule.”

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