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9 stupid ways to lose credibility with customers

6. Pointing fingers

178870327Most mistakes have a root cause, which means the failure of a person, process or protocol was involved. Pointing fingers at the cause, rather than taking responsibility for the solution, leaves a bad impression with customers. What’s more, blaming someone or something for a mistake is a huge missed opportunity to become a trusted solution-provider.

Instead, take responsibility for fixing issues and avoid pointing fingers to where the problem arose.

7. Doing the minimum

Customers have grown to expect a little more than the minimum. They expect that the places where they do business and the people there will give them their best.

That includes sincerity, courtesy, quality and appreciation, at the very least. Even better, and pretty much expected these days, are the occasional extra efforts that go above and beyond the call of duty.

8. Justifying bad behavior

Businesses that try to justify their mistakes almost always fail in the end. Perhaps these ring a bell: Enron. Madoff. WorldCom.

They tried to justify improper, unlawful behavior before their fall.

Similar things happen on a smaller scale every day. Reps might say, “Sorry we’re late with the proposal. It’s been really busy” when procrastination had more to do with the delay.

Instead, own up to faults. And never, ever participate in business practices that are unethical or unlawful.

9. Communicating in an immature way

178605674Professional conversations with customers can easily become undermined and derailed by immature behavior. Specifically, if employees resort to any kind of gossip, jokes at colleagues’ or other customers’ expenses, or jabs at the competition, they’re being unprofessional. Negative, vindictive talk is indicative of the person doing it.

Instead, keep it professional at all times to maintain customer respect and relationships.

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