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9 rewards employees will remember (and don’t cost much)

If the last reward you handed out involved a dented trophy or pizza box, you probably need to read this.

It’s not likely your contact center employees remember those rewards – even if the trophy for taking the most outlandish call still sits on their desk. And they don’t still feel special for above-and-beyond efforts much longer than it took the pizza to digest.

Rewards in a contact center need to be early, often and unique. On the bright side, they don’t need to be expensive. Try any or all of these creative rewards:

  1. Bring them a cup of coffee or favorite snack
  2. Let them leave early (especially when you know there’s an event they want to get to)
  3. Volunteer to do their least favorite task for the day
  4. Give them a token for a car wash
  5. Put a potted plant or flower on their desk
  6. Let them choose to come or leave a half hour early or late for a week
  7. Assign them a reserved, front-row parking spot for a month
  8. Pick up lunch for them and a friend, and/or
  9. Give them a book on a topic you know they enjoy.

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