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9 more non-cash incentives to motivate agents

Give agents the gifts of time, recognition and fun – not cash – to keep them motivated. Here are fresh ideas.

They come from American Express’ OpenForum:

  1. Allow agents to work flex time or chose one day a week to work from home.
  2. Start a “wall of fame” to regularly recognize all-time high goals.
  3. Hold a staff appreciation day once a quarter.
  4. Have dress-down Fridays.
  5. Create a game room where people can unwind (everyone can donate old board games, cards, etc.)
  6. Give the front parking spot.
  7. Send hand-written thank you notes.
  8. Send a hand-written thank you note to their families.
  9. Give one-on-one mentoring.

See yesterday’s post for nine other ideas.

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