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8 ways to stop bad scheduling

If you operate on a feast-or-famine schedule – either too many calls, not enough people or too many people, not enough calls – here’s what you need to do now.

It might be time to upgrade or implement workforce management technology. According to Multi Channel Merchant, a effective contact center scheduling system should perform these eight functions:

  1. Automatically incorporate breaks, lunches, absences, etc., when producing a schedule. If not, you’ll spend costly time figuring all that into it.
  2. Incorporate historical call data that includes marketing campaigns, billing cycles and other variables that affect volume over years – not just a few months of records.
  3. Recognize special events such as discounts, catalog drops and promotions.
  4. Produce schedules on your time frame. If you need them done in minutes or days, get a demonstration to prove what can be done.
  5. Allow you to automate recurring information such as work volume and group recipients.
  6. Adjust for daily “surprises” such as unplanned meetings, large-scale absences and seasonal situations that might include vacations or weather-related incidents.
  7. Account for busy signals and abandoned calls when it calculates your workforce. If not, you’ll end up understaffed.
  8. Be scalable to accommodate growth without slowing down to install new software.

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