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8 ways to cut stress in one minute

Here are eight fast ways to relieve stress in less than a minute.

Try any or all of these from Women’s Day:

  1. Count down. Starting at 60, count backward breathing in with one number and out the next.
  2. Eat prunes. Nutritionists say they deliver a burst of energy and help release feel-good hormones.
  3. Stay in the moment. Rather than stress over the current situation (traffic, a demanding customer), look around for something you enjoy.
  4. Write it down. Get a pen and paper – or your keyboard with a new document – and spend one minute writing about what’s bugging you. Don’t censor; just let it go.
  5. Chew gum (just not while you’re with customers). People who chewed gum a few days a week had lower stress levels, a study found.
  6. Take an art break. Rest your eyes on a favorite piece of work or grab a coloring book and crayons to draw your own.
  7. Jump, move or walk. Bounce like a kid on a trampoline by your desk. Do a few arm stretches. Walk a few laps around the cubicles. Raising your heart rate aerobically for a minute will help reduce the stress.
  8. Take a virtual vacation. Close your eyes and feel the breeze on the beach, smell the food at the cafe, feel the warm sun …

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