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8 things you should be saying to customers

Got a message for your customers? Say it like this.

No matter your role in the customer experience, you likely communicate with customers. As a customer service pro, you likely do it all — email, talk, real-time chat, text, social media. Sales pros can add in-person visits to that list. And marketers want it all to be heard or read.

The key to effective communication with customers is to get their attention right off the bat, according to experts.

Connect and kick off

These eight conversation starters — good for just about any communication channel — can help you connect with customers and kick off a great experience:

  1. I loved your (choice, tweet, comment, insight) on X. Everyone loves a compliment. This screams, “I noticed what you did, and I approve!”
  2. Did you know __? Add a statistic or interesting fact that’s related to their issue or concern that builds your credibility for the situation.
  3. I noticed that __ Watch for changes in their preferences or trends in buying or assistance patterns. It shows you pay attention and care.
  4. Congratulations on X. Taking notice of anything significant to customers builds goodwill.
  5. I just came across this and thought you’d find it useful. Adding extra value to any conversation — rather than just responding to a question or request — helps create a relationship, not just a series of transactions.
  6. I’ve been noticing this industry trend, and I’m curious what you think about it. Customers love to talk about themselves and their thoughts. An insightful point and request for opinion creates a bridge for building stronger relationships.
  7. Is this a priority for you right now? This helps both of you get an idea of what the customer needs most.
  8. I have an idea that might help you even more. Giving customers new insight or alternatives shows that you have their best interests in mind.

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