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8 steps to closing any customer

Sales is not mystical or mysterious. It follows a logical progression. 

All prospects have problems to solve, and they’re looking to buy solutions.

If you follow these eight steps you increase your odds of making the sale:

  1. Conduct pre-sale research. The process of selling begins before you even meet a prospect. You must invest time in learning about your own product or service, and how it compares to those of the competition. Understand how and why customers use your product and what problems they’ve had with it. Know what you can deliver.
  2. Meet and greet. Establish your credibility and trustworthiness from the moment you greet the customer.
  3. Discover the customer’s problems, needs and purchasing criteria. Every question you ask should move the customer toward a recognition of the benefits of your product or service.
  4. Bridge from features to benefits. Every feature you discuss should meet one of your customer’s needs.
  5. Present the solution. Make your case as you offer your product or service.
  6. Use objections. A customer’s objection is really a request for more information. Welcome objections because they give you a chance to clarify your explanation of your product or service.
  7. Ask for the sale. Don’t be shy.
  8. Follow-up. Remember that you’re building a relationship.

Adapted from: How You Make the Sale, by Frank McNair, who has extensive experience with national corporations in sales training and promotion.

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