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8 outdated images customers hate to see on your website

Once upon a time, the Internet was filled with websites that held more sounds and animations than Times Square. But now that it’s grown up a little, there are a few things customers just don’t want to see anymore.

Does your website contain any of these faux pas?

1. Floppy disks

floppy disks

You might click on a floppy disk every time you save a file in Microsoft Office, but when was the last time you actually used (or even saw) a floppy disk? It’s probably been years.

Better: If you’re asking people to save things on your website, you’re better off using an image of a USB flash drive. Otherwise you run the risk of your site looking dated.

2. Rotary phones

Rotary phone

Though you probably haven’t used either in ages, you’ve probably used a floppy disk more recently than you’ve used a rotary phone.

Better: An image of a mobile phone to draw attention to your phone number or customer service hotline.

3. CRT computer monitors

old computer

There are still a few big computers left in offices and homes, but most people have upgraded to thinner, smaller devices.

Better: If you’re trying to create visual impact with a computer icon or photo, go with a laptop — not a bulky desktop.

4. Clipboards


Apart from soccer coaches, not too many people use clipboards any more. Still they’re popping up on sites — usually to highlight checklists or the need to take notes.

Better: Use an image of an iPad or another tablet.

5. Hit counters


Once widely popular, hit counters are now considered tacky and a sign of pre-Y2K websites. You’re likely the only one that’s concerned about how many hits your site has.

Better: Social sharing buttons. While nobody cares how many pageviews you’re racking up, they do want to see how many people are sharing and talking about your content.

6. Scrolling banners


Scrolling banners are overly flashy and distracting. These days, a moving banner is just one more thing people ignore. And if it’s too distracting, it might just cause visitors to leave for another page.

Better: Stationary logos, and a compelling headline or value proposition.

7. Photos that are behind the times


The photos you’re using are an indicator of how often your site’s updated. If you have people in a photo, its age will be given away by their hairstyles and clothing.

And as cameras have improved, so has photo quality.

Better: Sharp, clean visuals that show off today’s styles.

8. Videos that autoplay


In general, any video or audio that plays without the visitor’s permission is a nuisance. And it’s even worse when they have to search all over the page to figure out where it’s coming from so they can turn it off. If you don’t need something to play automatically, don’t set it to do so.

Better: Volume controls and the option to play when the visitor is ready.

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