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7 words that can get a crazy conversation back on track

When a conversation with a customer is headed the wrong way, you can reel it back in with seven powerful words.

This question can help agents in a variety of tough situations, says Andrew Sobel, author of Power Questions.

Do you mind if we start over?

It can put both agents and customers at ease immediately. They often feel like they’ve created a clean slate, Sobel says.

Here are three situations when agents will want to use this phrase (or something similar to it):

  • An agent realizes he is wrong. “The reason I’d like to start over is that I put my foot in my mouth. Can I give it a second try?”
  • An agent feels a customer is incorrect, but doesn’t want to point blame. “Can we step back and focus on the biggest issue at hand?”
  • An agent realizes the conversation has gotten completely off base. “As we start over now, let’s pull together all the facts first, then refocus our attention on the situation.”

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