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7 all-powerful ways to improve the customer experience in 2014

6. Get creative

164908494Most people in most relationships crave some kind of out-of-the-norm activity. You might call it “shaking things up” or “going outside the box.” But what’s most important is that you do things in the coming year to surprise and delight customers.

Do things that leave customers wanting to come back for more. Work with front-line pros to brainstorm periodic things you can do delight customers.

Example: One medical practice occasionally has someone available to wash customers’ cars while they wait for their appointments and see their physicians.

Another example: Service reps at a specialty tool supplier sometimes write personal notes to customers, thanking them for their loyalty and slip them into orders.

7. Refresh your website

website designCustomers will increasingly rely on company websites for information and what you provide on yours should always be fresh and up-to-date. We aren’t suggesting you change the website just for the sake of change: That can backfire if you jazz it up too much and confuse loyal customers on where to find the information they want and need most.

But you can regularly monitor the site for minor touch-ups such as product placement and ease of getting contact info.

Make sure the frequently asked questions (FAQs) reflect those that front-line pros are hearing now — ideally, update them every day so the most current popular topic is at the top of the page and the others descend in order of frequency.

If your site has a blog, include relevant, industry-newsworthy information that impacts customers — not just product or service promotions.

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