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7 all-powerful ways to improve the customer experience in 2014

3. Be consistent

141102127The quality of one channel that customers use to interact with your company and its people can be sacrificed in pursuit of improving another. It’s very likely customers will continue to use all channels to contact you, and they’ll expect that the experience is spot-on whether they use email, chat, text or the phone.

More than 35% of customers in the Zendesk survey even expect to reach the same person every time they contact an organization. Yep, they’d like the same person to answer their calls, respond to their email and catch up with them when they post on social media.

Some companies, especially B2Bs, have delivered on this expectation by aligning customer service reps with sales reps.

Realistically, customers won’t be able to get “their” rep every time because of high demand or vacation. So most organizations that run this type of customer management, keep “back-up reps” trained to step in to help.

4. Put your best face forward

Customer Service Agents at Call CenterCustomers may not always be friendly, but they’ll always expect the people at the companies they deal with to put their best face forward. More than 80% of customers said the friendliness of the people they deal with is extremely important to their satisfaction.

The best people need to be on the front line dealing with customers at all times. Hiring quickly to fill seats or putting warm bodies where they’re needed will backfire. Customers won’t be happy with employees who don’t make the experience enjoyable and efficient.

That’s why Dirk Gorman, founding partner at is always in a hiring cycle. He places ads, networks with top pros at industry events and puts the word out that he’s constantly on the lookout for proven, courteous talent. What’s more, he gives managers incentives for recruiting candidates who wind up being a top-10% performer.

5. Plan an event

HappyHourGetting better and improving the customer experience is also about giving customers more opportunities to interact with your company and its people — not just making more sales.

Think beyond sales and promotions. Think of things that add value to your customers’ relationships with you. Try to host a customer event — like a site tour — at your facility that would interest customers and give them new insight that can help them in their lives.

You could also set up something special at industry events where customers will be that’s fun and educational — perhaps an entertainer followed by a reception for front-line pros to socialize with customers and answer questions.

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