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6 ways to make your contact center the best place to work

We talk a lot about boosting morale in the contact center with fun events and challenges, but you can’t overlook the impact a comfortable and positive environment can have on employee performance and morale.

There are good reasons spas are painted light colors and filled with low, classical music while amusement parks are splattered with bright colors and loud music. The environment has a specific effect on the people there — just like it does on people working in a contact center.

Design or change yours well and you can decrease stress, improve health and increase productivity, according to Carole Spiers, author of Show Stress Who’s Boss.

What to change

Don’t take the effect the surroundings in your office have on employees for granted. Most people don’t like to work in dingy, messy, boring environments. Subconsciously, it takes a toll on morale.

Here’s what you want to watch (and correct, if necessary):

  • Colors. Choose colors to lighten up areas. Yellow is said to be conducive to creativity. Blue is calming.
  • Air. Poor ventilation and low air quality lead to illness. That alone should be reason enough to make sure heating and air conditioning systems are regularly checked, cleaned and fixed as needed.
  • Light. Natural light is always the best (even when it’s cloudy). So open shades, and when providing natural light isn’t possible, have full-spectrum lights put in to emit a more balanced glow.
  • Plants. They improve air quality and make the area more welcoming to employees and guests. Choose plants that are easy to care for, and place them strategically throughout your contact center.
  • Sound. If you play music in your workplace, go with soft sounds and slow beats, which are relaxing. Hip hop and big band are probably not the best choices.
  • Ergonomics. Provide employees with the best possible furnishings you can so they don’t have to strain their arms, back and neck to do desk work. You can find the OSHA ergonomic checklist here.

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