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6 ways to build customer confidence

Customers’ confidence in agents is the cornerstone to solid, loyal relationships. Here are six ways agents can build that confidence.

These ideas come from customer loyalty expert Deb Schmidt:

  1. Take ownership of customers’ issues or questions. Say: “I can handle this for you right now,” or “This is important and I know what to do.”
  2. Reassure customers by reviewing what they’ve said and confirming you got it right before working on the answer or solution.
  3. Keep customers posted. Let them know the status of their requests or orders regularly to build their confidence in your processes. Follow up on major issues.
  4. Stay professional always. Never email or talk to customers like they’re your friends. Dress, speak and act like a professional with all customers all the time.
  5. Give customers total attention. If you don’t stop what you’re doing when they call, they won’t be confident you can meet their needs.
  6. Ask for feedback. Customers go where they’re appreciated and their opinions are valued. Even better, implement their ideas and spread the word on how you used their feedback to improve.

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