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Things to tell contact center reps that prevent turnover

If you want to avoid one of the biggest issues facing contact center leaders, you want to talk about the following six things more often.

Instead of bemoaning perennial turnover in the customer service industry, leaders should spend much more time talking about the six things that have the biggest impact on job satisfaction.

Keep staff engaged

Here’s what to emphasize to employees to keep them engaged and motivated:

  1. The vision. Remind staff what the company is trying to achieve and why it’s worthwhile. Although profits are important (so everyone keeps a job), emphasize helping customers and supporting co-workers for the greater good of the company. One nonprofit posts its vision in the footnote on every internal memo and email as a constant reminder.
  2. The big picture. When talking about or training on individual tasks, show how they connect to the organization’s overall goals so reps can see how their work matters.
  3. Communal empathy. Prove to reps that you and the organization care about them and their individual plights by listening when they raise issues and helping them move toward success.
  4. Motivation. You can keep employees engaged and excited to do their work well by finding out what drives them, the rewards they want and how they want to be encouraged. Make that conversation a regular part of performance reviews.
  5. The future. Map out individual career paths and keep reps up-to-date on where the company is headed so they see the opportunities available to them.
  6. Enjoyment. Balance the demands of work, deadlines and customer satisfaction with some flexibility and workplace fun. As long as standards are maintained, allowing friendships to bloom and socialization to occur will breed more success.

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