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6 social media screw-ups

Almost all contact centers have their hands in social media these days. Is yours screwing it up?

Marketing and customer experience experts at say this is what to avoid in your contact center’s social media strategy:

  1. Too many specials. If you offer discounts and promotions all the time, they won’t be special any more.
  2. Games and contests. If that’s your page’s draw, people will get bored and quit checking it out.
  3. Holding back negative feedback. Let customer service shine when customers make less-than-ideal comments. If you block, delete or ignore those negative comments, customers will think you don’t care.
  4. Taking too long. Wait more than a few hours to respond in social media and customers will consider you unresponsive.
  5. Begging for friends. It’s OK to ask customers to be Facebook fans, but don’t overdo it. And once they are, make it worth their while with relevant content.
  6. Being long-winded. Customers want information in quick bites. Keep posts and videos short.

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