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6 small things you can do to engender customer loyalty

Personal outreach can go a long way toward boosting customer loyalty and overall revenue. But many sales reps may not know how to turn off the sales switch — and reach out to customers when those customers aren’t looking to close another deal.

And because they may fear appearing pushy and overly sales-driven, some sales reps may opt to wait for customers to come to them instead. That’s a mistake.

The chance to stay top-of-mind and build long-term relationships isn’t something you want to pass up.

Here are some effective ways reps can reach out to existing customers without sounding pushy:

1. Forward to a friend

You’ve probably all used the small “Forward to a friend” calls-to-action in email to send a friend or co-worker an interesting article. Why not do it with a customer?

This is a great way to reach out and just remind customers: I’m thinking about you.

2. Say congratulations

Salespeople should be following what’s happening with their customers. When something big happens with customers and their businesses — like they launch a new product, win an award or have a birthday (Facebook can tell you when they were born) — be there to acknowledge it.

This tells customers you’re genuinely interested in their well-being.

3. Invite them to events

If your company is celebrating a milestone, a company team softball championship or the birth of an employee’s child, invite customers to come join the fun.

And don’t just shoot them an email, which they may never see. Instead, snail mail a personal invite or call them on the phone.

This will make them feel like part of the “family.”

4. Give them a referral

Referrals should be a two-way street. They don’t always have to come from your customers. They should come from your company as well.

Whenever you run across someone who can benefit from what your customer does, don’t be afraid to vouch for your client’s business.

It’ll be hard for a customer to walk away from someone who’s bringing them business.

5. Refer them to someone else who can help

Chances are you can’t solve every problem your customers have or fill every one of their business needs. So be on the lookout for other companies who can help full in the gaps.

If you develop a reputation as a connector, customers will feel as though they’ll miss out if they ever break their connection with you.

6. Send them a gift

Who doesn’t love a gift? It doesn’t have to be anything elaborate or expensive. It could be a small key chain, t-shirt, $5 Starbucks gift card or a promotional item your company gives away at trade shows — anything customers might find useful.

It’s the thought that counts.

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