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6 of the craziest customer complaints in 2011

Customers can say the craziest things in frustration. Here are six of the oddest comments contact center pros have ever heard.

The Henley Business School and CDC Software asked front line customer service agents to share the most unusual, funniest or outrageous complaints they’ve heard this year.

Enjoy some of their best:

  1.  Following the purchase of a dishwasher, a customer returned to the store and announced “The dishwasher is quite obviously faulty – when set to wash, water sprays, but the plates don’t spin!”
  2. On receiving a call that her contact lens order was ready early and could be collected, the customer complained to the head office, suggesting that the ‘overzealous’ ordering system was akin to high pressure selling!
  3. A pet shop refunded a customer after he complained the hamster recently purchased was “neither friendly nor cuddly.”
  4.  A blouse was returned to a retailer with a demand, not only for a refund, but compensation for the vet’s fees incurred because the pattern on the blouse caused her dog to bite itself!
  5. An internal help desk center received a call from a user complaining that she could only view her monitor correctly if she lay her head on her desk. Once the monitor was rotated by the support team, the problem was solved!
  6. A utilities company received a call from a customer complaining about the exceptionally high quality of customer service. It was suggested that less money be spent on staff training and the savings put to reducing customer bills!

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