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6 hassle-free ways to show customers you value them

“Thank you” is so passe, customers can’t tell you value their business when it’s said. So let them know every day with one of these hassle-free tactics.

Customers won’t take these courtesies for granted.

  1. Answer their calls personally. Assign someone to do it. Period.
  2. Return their e-mail within a day.
  3. Keep the customers’ best interests in mind. For instance, if a lower-priced option is better for them, suggest it.
  4. Keep promises. If you can’t deliver what you promised when you promised it, don’t surprise them. Let them know what to expect now.
  5. Keep problems to yourself. Customers aren’t interested that you’re short-staffed or facing issues. Don’t whine. Do what they need done.
  6. Eliminate surprises. Tell them good and bad news well in advance of the situation.

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