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5 ways to motivate your agents – and these work better than money

Money may talk, but a few things scream when it comes to motivating contact center agents. Here are five of them.

Leaders can motivate all employees with these perks, events and incentives, according to professionals at

  1. Get rid of the middle man. Give agents the reins to lead projects. Take  supervisors off teams, and let agents lead. Yes, agents should still report their results regularly to someone, but being given charge of a project and seeing it to success is a continuous motivator.
  2. Be more generous with praise. Praise agents for the little and great things they do, goals they accomplish and struggles they’ve overcome. It’s free, and it’s often the most appreciated form or recognition.
  3. Be more vocal with that praise. Give agents shout-outs in group meetings about goals they met. Mention what they’ve accomplished in company literature and on your website. Post contest winners on bulletin or white boards.
  4. Let them take charge of ideas. No one likes to be told what to do all of the time. So before you tell agents exactly how to do something, say, “Do you think it’s a good idea if we do it this way?” If they don’t, ask them for other ideas.
  5. Have a group party. Whether it’s a company picnic, post-work happy hour or monthly morning bagels and coffee to celebrate birthdays, people love camaraderie. Give them more, inexpensive ways to celebrate as a group.

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