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The secrets to voicemail messages that get callbacks

Voicemail, when used intelligently, is another tool you have to save time and increase your sales.

Misleading or inept voicemail messages are quickly purged into electronic oblivion.

Here are some tips that may prove helpful:

1. Be prepared. As part of your call preparation, know what you’ll say should you reach a recording. Ensure you’ll have a smooth delivery with no “uhhh’s.” The prospect’s perception of you is based more on the way you sound than on what you say.

2. Present benefits. You’ve got about a nanosecond to grab their attention with a benefit that causes them to think, “I’d be interested in that.” Results are what they want. Try to mention ideas you have that might be of interest to them about reducing their materials expense, or the fact that you’ve worked with other businesses of their type. Ask yourself before your call, “What do I have that this person would want, or what pain can I help him or her avoid?

3. Try to avoid entire sales pitches they can reject. It’s usually a better idea to pique their curiosity so they raise their eyebrows and want to speak to you to learn more. Try to save some of the benefits for a return call.

4. Be specific. Tell them what’s going to happen: that you’ll call back or, if they’re to call you, the best time to reach you.

5. Give numbers slowly, clearly and completely. Repeat your phone number as the last thing they hear.

Art Sobczak specializes in helping salespeople say and do the right things to get more business using the phone. He can be reached at

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