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5 reason your agents won’t excel

What’s holding back good contact center agents from excelling?

According to management experts, five common things get in the way of employees doing the best they can.

The good news: Contact center leaders can help their agents avoid most – if not all – of them.

  1. Lack of vision. Agents need to be regularly updated on company, department and career goals so they see the purpose in their work.
  2. Micromanagement. Agents also need some freedom to make or impact decisions and do their jobs in ways they find effective.
  3. Poor compensation. If they don’t feel they’re fairly paid, they won’t perform. They need to be compensated as well as people in similar positions in the community.
  4. Not enough appreciation. Recognition is as important as proper compensation.
  5. Lack of training. If they aren’t equipped to do the work, they can’t do it properly.

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