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The 5 quickest ways to run yourself out of business

The key to this is creating a culture in which it’s OK for employees to admit they made a mistake. Defensive employees, who are constantly worried they’ll lose their jobs, are the ones who tend to deny, deny, deny.

Of course, you’ll want to set limits, but give employees the freedom to admit their mistakes and correct them in ways that are meaningful to the customers being served.

4. Implementing poor computer security

Are you sure your computer systems are hack-proof? Cyber crime is increasing, and if customers discover their personal information was stolen by a hacker from your company, good luck trying to regain their trust.

Make sure you have a strong security infrastructure in place. And if you’re using a third-party vendor, make sure your contract with that vendor details who’s liable should your network be breached. You don’t want to put your company’s money in someone else’s hands.

5. Not focusing on customer needs

Focus on benefits to the customer, not features.

The sales presentations and marketing materials your company produces should focus on how your goods and services solve customer problems and meet customer needs — not the specific features they have to offer.

The more you can tailor your communications to each individual customer the better.

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