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5 proven ways LinkedIn can improve the customer experience

LinkedIn has evolved into a powerful tool in the fight to get the customer experience right. These five companies are some of the savviest, using the platform to build their reputation and customer relationships.

You’ll see this is a mix of B2B, B2C, well-known and lesser-known organizations. So it’s proof that any kind of organization can capitalize on LinkedIn efforts to improve the customer experience.

Here’s how:

1. Give advice

AppleOne, a 50-year-old employment services company, uses its LinkedIn presence to do a lot more than push its job openings. They share advice for job seekers and organizations that are trying to attract new talent. They include cool images that grab attention for their valuable content.

2. Share engaging content

Mashable dishes out lots of shareable content on all of its social media platforms. But on LinkedIn, Mashable sticks to almost all business and productivity information — the kind of stuff people on a professional network  are most likely to seek. That makes nearly everything relevant to the audience that’s on LinkedIn, rather than throwing out everything and waiting to see what sticks.

3. Create a dual purpose

No doubt, Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts wants people on LinkedIn to seriously consider staying at its properties. But it also promotes itself as a great place to work, so Four Seasons is using it as a site to network with customers and potential employees who fit their high standards. This approach shows people that it values business customers — a strategy that appeals to the professional crowd on LinkedIn.

4. Give your customers cred

BlackRock Investments shows its customers extra respect through LinkedIn by skipping the basics and including more complex content. It has recognized that its LinkedIn connections are probably savvy and want the kind of information that may not be available to them elsewhere because other companies don’t think their customers want it. So consider putting a deeper level of information on your LinkedIn site, and hold the basics for your website and/or other social media channels.

5. Share valuable info, even if it isn’t from you

IBM must be doing something right on LinkedIn. Nearly 2 million people subscribe to its updates. Those updates are peppered with stories from around the Web, not just IBM’s content. It’s recognized that even though customers have subscribed to its LinkedIn page, it’s not the only authority and can be even more valuable to connections by helping them get valuable info from a variety of publishers.

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