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5 potential holes in your sales-management strategy

When consultants are called in to evaluate sales-management strategy, here’s what they look at first.

During a recent presentation at the EcSell Leadership Conference in Austin, TX, sales expert Dave Kurlan shared the five questions consultants ask to determine whether a management team is maximizing its efficiency.

According to Kurlan, most teams excel in two or three of these areas, while world-class organizations make it a priority to master all five:

  1. Recruiting. Are the salespeople whom you have today the right ones, and are they in the right roles to help you reach your goals? If not, why, and what must be done?
  2. Coaching. Which of your non-performers can be developed into strong reps? What will it require, how long will it take and what is the expected improvement?
  3. Progress and evolution. Can the existing sales force execute your changing strategies? If not, how can you remedy that?
  4. Management. What impact is management having on the team in terms of coaching, motivating, recruiting, accountability and developing reps for growth?
  5. Development. Which of your existing salespeople can make the transition from transactional selling (prospect, present and close) to consultative selling?


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