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4 opportunities to meet customers’ needs

Nearly every conversation with customers is an opportunity to fill a need. Use these opportunities wisely.

You can almost always introduce customers to different or new products or services that may meet their needs in a better way.

  • Problems. Fix your mistakes. But if the problem was on the customer’s end, it might be because the product or service was a wrong fit. Explore an alternate product or service as a solution.
  • Re-orders. When customers make a new order, check their records for anything that is outdated. They may not realize they need something else renewed or refreshed.
  • New orders. You probably have services or products that complement others. At least mention them when customers order something new.
  • Timely offers. Even if your marketing people send out lots of promotions, many customers don’t know about specials or deals when they call. Mention current specials when talking to customers.

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