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5 customer experience trends you should act on now

4. Data’s being put to use

166842237Companies keep loads of data on their customers. Currently, most fail to do enough with that data. In the future, companies will want to do a better job of leveraging that information for customer-centric decision-making.

“We have more data on what people do than ever,” Ziskie said. “But we still don’t know exactly why they do it.”

Companies need to mine order history (structured, easy-to-interpret data) and feedback (unstructured and not as easy to interpret) to predict what customers will do and lead them to things they’ll like.

One online beverage dealer does this well, Ziskie explained. For instance, through data mining, it found that “Nancy” always buys dry red wine. So when she goes online, she sees promotions for dry red wine down the side of each page she pulls up on the dealer’s. “Tom” has typically bought micro-brews, so when he logs on, he’ll see promotions for the newest micros. And a prospect who checks out the “about us” and “specials” pages early in an online visit will see a pop-up for 50% off the first purchase.

5. Companies want to ‘wow’ employees

180272933No matter how high-tech the experience gets, people will have the biggest impact on customer satisfaction and loyalty. Happy people on the front line will create positive experiences and foster better relationships with customers.

To “wow” customers, companies want to first “wow” employees, Ziskie said. Some keys:

  • Make sure your entryway looks good to job candidates and new employees. Keep it tidy with clean carpet, current furniture and decorations, a smiling face and knowledgeable minds behind the welcome desk.
  • Give appropriate job titles. Entry level jobs don’t have to sound like them. Gone are the days of customer service reps. They’re account managers, customer care providers, relationship professionals, customer experience specialists, etc.
  • Make orientation enjoyable. Avoid putting new employees through a day of paperwork and policy presentations. Have them interact with new colleagues and leaders, and see how operations interact.
  • Make them special. Give employees get a different color ID badge so other employees know to introduce themselves, offer help, answer questions and welcome them aboard.
  • Train them in culture. Ideally, a customer-centric culture already exists at the company. So new-hire training (even for those outside of direct customer contact) should include information on the evolution of the customer base, different customer types, how different departments work together to provide a seamless customer experience and examples of outstanding customer service experiences. New hires should see how customers are placed at the heart of the business.

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