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Be a better contact center manager: 4 tips that work

Good bosses can gain agent respect and become great by following these four time-tested strategies.

Experts at MoneyWatch have found the best supervisors and managers:

  1. Avoid sugarcoating any message. Agents appreciate straightforward honesty more than sugarcoating.
  2. Delegate responsibility rather than assign tasks. The best bosses take a step back after turning over responsibility. It builds a confident worker and team.
  3. Take the brunt of responsibility. When the heat is on, the best bosses take the criticism and help the team learn from it. More importantly, when praise is given, the best leaders share credit with everyone.
  4. Keep a level head. Contact center leaders want to set the example by staying cool and collected when an emergency or disaster strikes. A quick joke can help everyone see that as long as they stay calm and focused on a solution, it will get better.

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