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4 ways to make upset customers happy

One wrong word from you, and an upset customer can explode. Say the right thing, and it could be customer bliss.

Here are four ways to get it right with upset customers – and make them happy again.

  • Use “I” statements as often as possible. For instance, rather than say, “You need to …,” say “I will do this …” “You” statements sound to customers like you’re blaming them for the situation.
  • Focus on the positive. If you stay positive, customers will quickly feel the same and feel that you can fix whatever has made them upset. Use phrases like, “We can do this …” or “That’s something we can resolve now.”
  • Avoid blaming. You don’t want to point fingers at coworkers, processes or computers. Instead, apologize and explain how and when you’ll fix the situation.
  • End on a good note. Even if it wasn’t, tell customers, “It’s been a pleasure helping you.”

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