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Make a great first impression with these tips

Whether you’re talking to customers, colleagues or a new boss for the first time, you want to make a great impression. Here are four effortless ways to do it.

What you say in that first meeting matters, so do something special, says career development expert and author Vicki Oliver. You want to:

  • Be positive. When someone asks, “How are you?” don’t just say “Good” or “Fine.” More importantly, don’t complain. Even if it’s sweltering and you want to say, “This heat is awful,” say something like, “It’s impossible to complain on a beautiful day like this. I’m truly glad to be here.”
  • Use power words. These are words that get people to perk up and pay attention. Include these: results, organized, professional, experienced, know-how.
  • Prep for it. If you know you’ll soon chat with a new customer, colleague or boss, do some homework. Find out more about their background, company or interests. Bring them up in conversation.
  • Remember names. It should go without saying, but too often people forget the names of those they’ve just met immediately. It’s not because they’re “bad with names.” It’s because they’re lazy. Practice remembering names: Use them often in sentences once you’ve met someone. Get a business card or write it so you see it written. Associate it with something to help bolster your memory.

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