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5 ways to keep your best agents motivated

Your best people are often at the highest risk of burnout. Here’s why – and how to keep them motivated.

The top talent at contact centers usually take on the most difficult tasks, demanding customers and biggest projects. While they usually rise to the occasion, it’s also a recipe for becoming overwhelmed and under-appreciated.

Training and recruiting expert Brad Remillard suggests these tips to keep the best contact center pros balanced and motivated:

  • Maintain a goal-oriented environment. Regularly review company, department and personal goals. Give top performers quantifiable objectives to meet them. They need to consistently feel a sense of accomplishment.
  • Maintain a performance-based culture. Reward those who do well. Reprimand those who don’t and help them improve. Get rid of those who fail to improve. Top performers will become de-motivated if they see others get away with sub-par performance.
  • Show respect and appreciation. Never take their contributions for granted. Thank them for what they do to meet goals. Recognize them for all they do to exceed goals. Continue to get their feedback on their job responsibilities and the department processes.
  • Praise them. Even the best performers like to hear thanks for their efforts. Say, “I know it’s part of your job, but I appreciate the pride you take in your work.”
  • Educate them. Top talent wants to get better. Give them frequent opportunities to learn and share the know-how they gain.

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