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4 ways to stop anyone from sucking the life out of your contact center

Whether the mood is grim or bright in your contact center, you might be the cause. If it’s grim, here’s what you can do to crank it up.

High morale almost always leads to high productivity. Unfortunately, the opposite also holds true. Low morale equals low productivity.

Contact center leaders can use these strategies to boost morale:

  1. Get more input. Give agents say in decisions that affect their roles.
  2. Open your door wider. An open-door policy is a nice gesture. You can make it more welcoming by posting time every day that you will give agents your full attention.
  3. Act fast. Answer questions and respond to requests almost immediately. If you don’t have an answer, update them on the status (as you would a customer).
  4. Be honest. Employees understand businesses face challenges and their work or status may be affected by that. But if they’re insulated from that important info, the void will be filled with demoralizing gossip. Keep them updated with honest, factual information as much as possible.

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