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4 ways to get everyone to show up on time

A minute late here. Another two minutes there. They add up quickly. Here are four ways to get everyone on time.

As a contact center leader, the first and most important thing you can do is set a prompt example, says business expert Catherine Ahern.

Try her tips for these particular tardy situations:

  • They show up late for work. Reiterate your expectations – when they need to be in the building, at their desks, helping customers, etc. From there, explain that occasional tardiness is OK because emergencies happen, and the consequences of late arrivals (failure to meet customer expectations, undue stress on coworkers, building an irresponsible image, etc.) Establish guidelines for late arrivals, such as a phone call for 10 or more minutes, written explanation for 20 or minutes, loss of pay for 30 or more minutes and termination for repeated offenses.
  • They’re late for meetings. Close the door, start on time and don’t review for any  latecomers. Some leaders charge the last to arrive with keeping notes. Others have fined latecomers a small amount and used the money for doughnuts for everyone else at another meeting. Also, schedule meetings on the half-hour. Studies show people are more prompt for them.
  • They take extended lunch breaks. Tell agents when you notice it’s become habit. Remind them that you’ll document the extended breaks and the violation will be part of regular performance reviews.
  • They miss deadlines. Make periodic check-ins on projects a priority. Ask if there are obstacles in the way of getting the job done and if other resources are needed. Help them prioritize.

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