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4 ways to crank up customer engagement

The first customer experience is a lot like a first date. You got them interested enough to say yes. But your work isn’t done. You’ll need to do more to keep them engaged – and agreeable to more dates! For the customer experience, here are four ways to crank up engagement. 

Customers are busy, distracted and bombarded with offers from your competitors. So you need tactics to keep them focused on and engaged with you. These tips form the experts at American Express will help.

Educate them

Whether you work in a B2B or B2C situation, your customers likely want to know more about the industry or circumstances that brought them to buy from you.

Fortunately, you can offer them professional and/or personal development in a variety of ways and times so they can almost always find something to fit their busy lives. Your marketing and/or customer experience team likely have educational materials already available that can be packaged in other ways to accommodate on-the-go learning.

Build online courses and podcasts. Create a library of the courses, plus downloadable tip sheets or white papers. Promote the “education portal” in your social media channels. Send email messages, inviting customers to access them. Reward them (perhaps with a discount) for using the courses.

Pop up

The individuals in new relationships often participate in “surprise reciprocity,” giving unexpected gifts or kindnesses to show how much each cares for the other and to keep the relationship moving forward in a positive direction.

Same can go for businesses and customer experience professionals trying to keep the fire alive with new customers.

Create “pop up” experiences – short, fun events in a physical location or online. Announce the event in your social media channels. Things to try: flash sales exclusive to recent buyers, access to experts in the field your customers are interested in, entertaining events such as local arts or sports, or access to a new, relevant book.

Personally follow up

In a time when most communication is done through computers and apps (not actually with voice on the phone), personal follow up will engage customers more than a text or email ever can.

Customer service and sales pros might call – even if it goes to voicemail – after a first purchase and share a tip for making the most of the product or service, possibly referring them to your website for the tips.

Personalize more

Just like love letters in a budding romantic relationship, one of the best ways to engage customers in your professional relationship is with personalized communication.

Ideally, you personalize every message. But you likely have too many to send and respond to for personalization every time. Plus, customers don’t expect a personal response to a basic inquiry.

But recognize that every new customer doesn’t need every message you send. Divide customers into categories based on what they’ve bought, their preferences and demographics to make sure you send them messages, offers and thanks that fit exactly.

Even better, use your CRM system to keep track of their preferences and reach out to them when those things go on sale or something similar becomes available.

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