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Does it seem like no one cares? 3 ways to beat apathy

Who cares? Hopefully, everyone on your contact center team cares. But if apathy starts to set in, here are three tips to beat it.

Customer Care Coach Joanna Brandi suggests one of the best ways to overcome apathy is to put agents in customers’ shoes as often as possible.

When that’s not possible (due to time, resource and logistic restrictions), try these unique tips from Brandi on how to beat apathy in the contact center.

  1. Bring customers to you. Ideally, agents can visit customers (with sales reps or on a group tour, perhaps) yearly. Try to bring customers in-house each year, too. Invite them to share stories on how they use your products or services and the impact the contact center has had on them.
  2. Hear stories, get pictures. Ask sales reps (or others who visit customers) to film their facilities and interview people using your products or services. Show those pictures or video at meetings so agents get a better image of how customers feel about using your products and services.
  3. Reserve a chair. Leave an empty chair in meetings for “the customer.” Ask agents how they think the customer will react to decisions and changes. It’ll help them understand where customers are coming from before they even call.

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