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4 things the best online service providers do right

The personal touch isn’t the only factor in your customer service reputation. What you do online is a huge factor. Here’s how the best get it done right.

The very best online customer service providers — considered “elite” by online researchers at StellaService — aren’t just technically ahead of the curve. They know how to treat customers whether they want a strictly online relationship or a more in-touch one.

Here’s what StellaService found the top companies — such as Amazon, Apple, LL Bean and Zappos — do extremely well when it comes to delivering an outstanding experience. We’ve included tips that any company can use.

  1. Make it easy to reach a person. Even strictly online companies (that would probably rather keep contact online) make it easy for customers to get through to a person. Like Netflix, post your contact center number on every web page.
  2. Respond quickly. The best in class respond to online inquiries within an hour of receiving them. Not a day. Not a half day. That sets the bar. If you can’t respond personally within a few hours, send an automated one that gives customers an opportunity to call for immediate help.
  3. Deliver quickly. Zappos and Amazon set a high bar for fast delivery — like a day or two. If you can’t meet that for standard orders, consider this: Most customers have no problem waiting longer if they’re offered free shipping, one study found.
  4. Refund quickly. Great companies refund as quickly as they deliver goods. Ask fewer questions when customers want refunds, and you can likely deliver refunds quicker.

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