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4 things Google does for its people that we all should do

If you want to keep the most creative, customer-focused people on your team, take a cue from Google — where almost everyone is happy to be at work.

For the fourth year in a row, the tech giant was named the best company to work for by Fortune magazine.

But it’s not just the out-of-the-ordinary perks like on-site laundry and free gourmet food that helps Google attract and keep great marketing, sales and service (among many other job functions) professionals.

Google studies the science of managing a big firm and keeping countless employees happy.

Here are four of their best findings and how they’re using them to remain the best employer:

1. Increase base pay, scratch bonus

HR ran a survey asking employees to choose their favorite pay option. Turns out, they wanted extra cash in their base pay, rather than a larger bonus. So salaries went up and bonuses went down.

The key here is to find out what kind of compensation package is most appealing to your employees and accommodating it.

2. Help employees retire rich

Through another survey, Google found employees do want to contribute to their retirement plans more — but don’t because they aren’t compelled to do it. So Google sent more employee reminders and called for aggressive savings goals — and employees responded by contributed more to their retirement savings accounts.

3. Watch the little details

Google looked into what created an ideal dining experience and discovered that the preferred lunch line wait time was three or four minutes — short enough so little time was wasted, long enough to meet new people. So Google staffed to maintain those wait times.

4. Make lives easier

Google is known for offering perks most companies don’t have. You might not be able offer these all the time, but consider bringing one or two on-site from time to time to keep employees happy, creative and productive:

  • Hair cuts
  • Dry cleaning services
  • Miniature golf, and
  • Nap rooms.

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