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4 signs your contact center is full of ‘office politics’

Even if everyone seems to get along well, office politics may be affecting morale and productivity in your contact center.

More than half the employees in an OfficeTeam survey said they’ve seen some kind of political maneuvering in their work place.

Here’s what employees say is going on:

  • 54% say gossip
  • 20% say unabashed boss flattery
  • 17% say people take credit for others’ ideas, and
  • 2% say sabotage.

As long as there are offices, there will probably be office politics. The biggest problem with the maneuvering  — it can hurt feelings and cut into morale and productivity.

To curb office politics, communicate as much as possible so gossip is held to a minimum. Relay what goes on at the top down to agents. Send agents’ feedback up the chain of command. And regularly facilitate events where everyone can openly discuss concerns, ask questions and give suggestions.

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